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I’m an award-winning journalist, published author and PR professional specializing in two fields: travel and technology.

My work is featured on CNN, BBC, Forbes, Fodor’s, Lonely Planet and more.

Writer and Journalist

I’m an award-winning journalist and PR professional with 18 years of content media and editorial experience including roles in high-tech PR, travel journalism and corporate media relations.




I have a diverse portfolio of travel writing experience. I write articles, features and books for major media. I also write travel content marketing content for companies including PR materials, website copy and company blog content.


I am a seasoned PR professional and high-tech blog writer. I know how to tell the best story angles that would resonate with key audiences. I  communicate  high-level concepts in ways that are meaningful and compelling.


Next to my words published in major media, you will find my photos. My photography is featured in outlets such as CNN International, CNN Travel, BBC Travel, an array of lifestyle magazines and my own travel blogs.

Work Featured In: